Rita Paskowitz

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In her search for identity, Rita Paskowitz has been an actress, writer, improvisationalist and stand-up comedienne, working from New York City to Los Angeles. At long last, she found herself as a storyteller simply trying to live up to her hair.

Rita has entertained and edified the state for the Nebraska Arts Council and Arts Are Basic/Aesthetic Education for Children, while also teaching STORYTELLING AND EDUCATION at the University of Nebraska/Omaha and HOLOCAUST TO HOMELAND at Temple Israel.

Rita is Co-founder and Director of Creative Healing (a program for bereavement specialists) and is the Storyteller-in-Residence at Ted E. Bear Hollow, a center for grieving children and teens. She is on the staff of UNO’s Certified Public Managers Institute and UNMC’s Great Plains Public Health Leadership Institute.

In addition, Rita works nationally in the fields of healthcare, interfaith relations, art and business, and speaks on depression to both children and adults. Oh yes – and she also maintains an active performance schedule, proving that no day has only twenty-four hours.

Plus – she’s fun to be with and hardly ever gets whiny.