Rebecca Lowry

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Rebecca Lowry is the front woman for the band All Young Girls Are Machine Guns.

Lowry graduated from high school in 1999 and did a little bit of seminary and is occasionally wise and/or witty. She once won an Omaha Underground [Undie] Award in 2009 for Most Homicidal Musician, but it can be assured that it was simply based on her awesome band name. Other than that, she was just a nerdy spirit who liked to read classics and surf the internet when she wasn’t playing phone monkey for call centers or leading children astray as a youth director at an undisclosed church who once picked up a ukulele.

As she is still new to the music game, Lowry has yet to rack up many musician points (well, someone from The Reader Omaha once wrote that she is “one of Omaha’s finest songstresses” and she did release her album The Secret Attic Recordings in August 2010).