Magda G. Peck, ScD

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Dr. Magda Peck is a champion of the public’s health who bridges academe and practice to improve the health and well-being of women, children, families, and communities. Her expertise includes building individual, organizational and community capacity to translate data and research into strategic actions for measurable results.

In the academic sector, Dr. Peck serves as Associate Dean for Community Engagement and Public Health Practice, College of Public Health, University of Nebraska Medical Center. She is Professor of Public Health and Pediatrics and holds a concurrent appointment as Professor of Pediatrics at the Creighton University Medical Center.

Dr. Peck has been a regional and national leader in public health education and workforce development. She was founding Director of the University of Nebraska’s Graduate Program in Public Health (2000-2004) and was instrumental in developing its College of Public Health. She is founding Director of the Great Plains Public Health Leadership Institute (2005 – ), and chairs the National Public Health Leadership Development Network.

Dr. Peck’s vision and leadership for public health practice includes a focus on local public health. In 1988, while serving as Associate Director for Parent and Child Health Services at the Boston Department of Health and Hospitals, she founded CityMatCH, which has become the leading national organization dedicated to improving urban maternal and child health. As founding CEO (1990-2007), she lead its evidence-based work to produce innovative products and services, including Perinatal Periods of Risk (PPOR) approach, community readiness tenting, navigational conferencing, DaTA Institute and Data Use Academies, and urban practice collaboratives. She continues to serve as CityMatCH senior advisor.

Dr. Peck is a life-long learner, with masters (1983) and doctoral (1986) degrees in maternal and child health from the Harvard School of Public Health. Her leadership has been recognized locally and nationally with a range of awards: APHA MCH Young Professional, Urban League Whitney Young, National Leadership in MCH Epidemiology, National Conference for Community and Justice Otto Swanson Spirit of Service, CityMatCH Ed Ehlinger, AMCHP MacQueen Lecture, and University of Nebraska Robert D. Sparks Award in Public Health and Preventive Medicine.

Dr. Peck resides in Omaha where she is an active community leader engaged in the pursuit of equity and social justice. She believes in growing great people and greater organizations for the greater good.

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